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Shopping Guide


1. Buyer searches for products and place an order at XCsunnyWigs.com. Search for and evaluate an item, communicate with XCsunnyWigs, and then add to cart.
2. Buyer makes payment, which XCsunnyWigs accept bank account, Western Union, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express to make PayPal payments
3. XCsunnyWigs delivers package. When the package is shipped out, Buyer will get tracking information.
4. Buyer receives package and checks quality and quantity of item(s).
5. Buyer completes order and gives feedback and product review.


1. How to add to cart?

Please note that sometimes you must make selections when add it to cart. 
For example, when you add this wig to your cart, before you continue, you must specify the length, color and cap size you want. 

2. How to sign in and register?

In order to buy an item, you must first sign in.
If you have already registered with us. Please sign in. Enter your email address and password, click "Login" button.
If you haven't registered, click "Create an Account" on your left, complete the simple application and click "Login" button.

3. How to fill in shipping address?

Please fill in the billing address.

4. How do I make a payment by PayPal?

For your privacy and security, we accept payment via PayPal, Visa and Master Card, or Western Union. You can use bank account, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express to make PayPal payments and Use Western Union(Contact us to get our Western Union Information). After click place order, you will be redirected to PayPal website, where you can send your payment.

As the safest and most convenient payment method, PayPal can protect you from any fraud. Any questions please check at www.paypal.com or contact us at xcsunnywig@gmail.com.


5. How to ship the item?

1. After XCsunnyWigs has confirmed the receipt of payment, XCsunnyWigs starts to process the items and ship them out in the given processing time.
2. After the items are shipped, XCsunnyWigs submits the shipping tracking number, and you can track the status online.
3. If your items are too large to hold in one parcel, XCsunnyWigs may put them into several packages, so please take note whether XCsunnyWigs have shipped out all that you ordered.

6. How to complete your order and leave feedback?

When you receive the items, please check the items as soon as possible to make sure the quality and quantity of the items are as desired. If all is well, please complete the order and leave feedback.