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XCsunnyWigs Length Guide


XCsunnyWigs is a fast and easy way to get a head of luxury and flowing hair, also adds length to your natural hair instantly. No matter what your reason for getting hair wigs, it is very important to choose the right hair length. In order to make our customers to get what they real wanted, XCsunnyWigs provides hair wigs length guidelines.

According to what texture you choose, our hair length is different.

Curly Vs. Straight Hair Wigs

In general, straight hair is longer than curly hair, because it lies completely flat when we measured. Before you place an order, make sure what kind of texture do you want. If you prepared to choose curly hair, it is ideal to choose one size longer that you would. Also, one thing you should bear in mind, curly hair tend to look heavier than straight hair when you wear them. Straight Virgin hair, true to its length, so buy the size as you wanted. Wavy hair is usually 1.5" shorter (unstraightened), Curly hair is usually 3.0" shorter than Straight hair.  We often suggest customers to purchase hair 2" longer if they desire a Curly hair look.

Short Vs. Medium& Long Hair Wigs

Your natural hair length also plays an important part when you choose the hair length. Basically, it is not smart to choose very long hair if your natural hair is very short, so you’d better choose the length under 18 inch, or you would feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you have medium to long hair, it is ideal to wear long hair wigs.